community internal medicine

Compassionate medical care

Get the compassionate and gentle medical care that you need from our office. Our doctor, Dr. Samuel Wu, has received numerous accolades and awards for his work.

annual physical examination consultation

• Primary care for age 15 and above

• Preventive care, adult Immunization

• Sports, DMV, pre-employment physicals

• Annual physical examination

• Heart disease and stroke prevention

• Carotid plaque detection

• In-house EKG monitoring

• 24-hour holter monitoring

• In-house Cardiodynamic monitoring

• Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

• Pulmonary function test

• Trigger point injection for pain management

• Joint injections standard steroid injection and Supartz injection for arthritis

• Diabetes education and disease management

• Weight loss management

• Minor skin procedures

• Inpatient care at the Saint Louise Regional Hospital, Gilroy

• Active privilege for Nursing home patients in Morgan Hill and Gilroy

The medical services we offer

We have on-call services available 24 hours.