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Board certified in Internal Medicine, By American College of Physicians

Board certified hospital physician, by American Association of Hospital Physicians



Department of Internal Medicine

Texas Tech University, School of Medicine


Department of Neurology

University of Texas, Houston



The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis

University of Miami, FL



Medical School:

Beijing University, School of Medicine

Beijing, China


Ph.D. in Neuroscience:

McGill University & University of Alberta, Canada



Providing primary care services to the local community since 2001.



Active admitting privileges at Saint Louise Regional Hospital, Gilroy.

Active admitting privileges in various nursing homes in Morgan Hill & Gilroy.



California Medical Assocation

Santa Clara County Medical Asscoation

American Medical Association

Society of Neuroscience

Qualifications and credentials  

Dr. Wu has been working as a solo practitioner since 2001 giving him well over a decade of personalized medical experience. He is the first internal medicine physician in Gilroy to use BioZ, and with this technology's abilities and benefits, it’ll reach far beyond conventional technology. While a basic clinical exam is able to detect information for heart rate and blood pressure , BioZ targets 12 different parameters of the heart that are less easily detected, but essential to heart health


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We have been providing medical services to the local community since 2001.